Drive-By Web Site Evaluation
Below are 21 web sites you and your classmates have found as sources for news reports that are due shortly. Using whatever criteria you like, you are to visit each web site and make an evaluation of the quality of the site. You have only one minute per site to complete this assignment. The results of your evaluations will be examined and discussed during the next class.
As part of your evaluation, you might want to rate each page with a number between 1 and 5, with 1 being the worst quality and 5 being the best.

You have 1 minute to assess each of the sites below. You will be prompted when to move to the next site.

1) A news report about the right to bear arms
2) A news report about the Boston Public Library... Boston Public Library
3) A news report about the White House... The White House
4) A news report about dangers in the environment... Dihydrogen Monoxide Research
5) Twin Cities Public Television
7) A news report on an endangered species... Save The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus.
8) A news report on a medieval artist... Jacopo di Poggibonsi, Painter, 1418-1449
9) RYT Hospital; providing information on new medical procedures
10) A news report of world news today... The New American Magazine
11) A news report on dangerous foods... The Dangers of Bread
12) A news report on genital herpes... Genital Herpes
13) A news report on earthquakes... Center for Earthquake Research and Information
14) A news report on effective population control... VHEMT
15) A news report on the search for extraterrestrial life... SETI Institute.url
16) A news report on the state of the Republican party today... Republican Ntl. Com.
17) A news report on alternatives for water
18) A news report on the Holocaust
19) A news report on AIDS... Little known facts about women and AIDS
20) Williston, Vermont
21) A source for sending telegrams for the grieving to their lost loved ones